Public contract: EURO_IT4I Supercomputer

Information on public contract

procurement procedure phase Awarded
Contract was awarded.
DBID: 581
System number: P20V00000098
Contracting authority registration number: 9600/2019/01
Under the Act: no. 134/2016 Coll.
Registration number in VVZ: Z2019-021999
Date of commence: 09.04.2020
Tender submit to: 12.06.2020 09:00

Title, type and description of public contract

  • Title: EURO_IT4I Supercomputer
  • Type of public contract: Supplies

Brief subject description:
The subject matter of this public contract is modernisation of Contracting Authority’s facilities and equipment through the purchase of a modern petascale supercomputer system EURO_IT4I Supercomputer. The subject matter of the contract is a comprehensive system for complex calculations, i.e. set of computing, storage, network and other systems and software solution. The solution will use modern technologies and will provide efficient and available services.

Procedure type, estimated value

  • Procedure type: open procedure
  • Public contract regime: above-the-threshold
  • Estimated value: N/A

Contracting authority

  • Official name: Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava
  • CRN: 61989100
  • Postal address:
    17. listopadu 2172/15
    70800 Ostrava
  • Name of the department: IT4Innovation
  • Contracting authority profile identification in VVZ: Z2018-044551

Contact address

Tenders or requests to participate submit to:
prostřednictvím elektronického nástroje E-ZAK (


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