Test tender

During loading this page you may be prompted for permission to run the Java Runtime Environment and Java applet called Cipher which is used to encrypt the contents of the tender (also requests to participate and preliminary tenders). It is necessary to enable the start of the applet, otherwise you will not be able to send a tender! Successful launch can be recognized so that on the page below, you click +Select button and a Java dialog box for choosing files from your computer will appear. Applet is necessary for the preparation and submission of the tender in accordance with the requirements of the Public Procurement Act and related regulations on electronic tenders or requests to participate.

Especially try to attach some file attachments - maximum single file size is limited, you can attach more files one by one; to do so use the button to choose a file from your computer repeatedly.

By clicking the continue button you will be forwarded to the page for electronic signing of the tender - you will need an acceptable electronic signature (based on qualifying certificate) to do so. The system then verifies the validity of the signature.

More information can be found in the user's manual (pdf, 3.94 MB), in the chapter related to electronic tenders.

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New file: loading Encryption applet is loading and preparing to run.
The maximum individual file size: ca. 50 MB